Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Filling a Vase and Hanging a DIY Mirror

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Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Today I wanted to post about a vase in our kitchen nook that I updated recently. Over the weekend, my hubby decided to trim the trees and bushes we have in our front yard and I told him I wanted to keep some of the tree branches he cut down. So he did.  :) 
He brought in some beautiful branches (never thought I would really say that about tree branches) from outside and I placed them in a vase in our kitchen nook. Before I show some pictures of it, I just wanted to mention that the beautiful vase was given to me from a wonderful family as a teaching gift last year when I taught 3rd grade.

Branches in ABC vase

CAFE sign purchased at a local Antique Store

I love the shapes of all the branches.
It gives our room a more natural look.

I like that this project was super easy and it was a quick way to add a little bit of outside to our home.


The next quick project we did this weekend was hanging the Target mirror that I had purchased a few weeks ago. Can't you tell that sometimes we just aren't in a rush to finish projects around here?  :)

Anyways, this project was easy to finish and anyone can do something like this in their home.

Okay, so we bought this kit (pictured below) at Target because the mirrors I bought didn't have a holding on the back where you can hang them onto the wall, so we had to create our own.

After I had decorated the mirror to my liking, I needed to figure out where I was going to hang it. I decided the mirror would look great in our dining room next to my tree painting. Sounds like I really like trees...hehe. 
(Eventually, I would like to frame my painting with some molding so it looks a little more like a real artistic painting).

Next, it was time to nail our backing to the mirror.
(We only did one mirror because the second mirror broke a few weeks ago, which was talked about in another post, and I still haven't purchased another one to replace the old broken mirror).
Guess I better get on top of that!

This part was a little tedious and it took some time, but eventually we were able to nail the backing to the mirror so it could hang up on the wall.

As you can see in the picture below, one of the nails didn't go in all the way. We weren't too worried about this since the mirror is light and we knew it would hang just fine on the wall.

Here we are putting little nails in the wall so we can hang the mirror up. My hubby did this part for me. He is much better at measuring things so I always ask him to help me with when it comes time to hang things up on the wall.  :)
He will be helping me hang a really big mirror this week, he just doesn't know it yet.  :)

Here is what one of the mirrors looks like after we got it up on the dining room wall.
I am going to try and get the other mirror this weekend so that the dining room looks somewhat complete.

I also just realized that when I took the above picture, I must have turned the camera slightly because it is a little crooked. Oh well, you get the idea of how it looks in our dining room.

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