Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I had not planned on beginning my own blog until this year, in the beginning of January. I really wanted to share my creativity with others and after reading a few blogs out there in blogland last year, I thought it would be something I could do, too!

What are the names of the paint colors used in your home?

All colors used in our home so far are from Sherwin Williams

Family room and stairwell- Relaxed Khaki
Kitchen- Currently the kitchen is painted Latte
Dining Room- Currently the dining room is painted Latte
Loft- Wool Skein
Guest Bathroom- Sea Salt
Nursery- Bubble and Lime Rickey
Master Bedroom- Dorian Gray

Do you blog everyday?

Although I try and blog during the week, I usually do not blog on the weekends. My Monday-Thursday blogs are posted about DIY projects, anything painted around the house, and the like. On Fridays, I have started blogging about my devotions and a book called Bible Doctrine. After praying about how I could blog about my devotions somehow, I felt called to blog about how God's Word is working in my life and after I began reading Bible Doctrine, I knew that I wanted to make that book a part of my Friday posts.

Where do you get most of your project ideas?

Generally, most of the ideas are from other blogs I like to read during the week or after searching neat websites like Pinterest! There are some really neat ideas out there on the web about different ways you can dress up your home so that is always a good place to start when it comes to any DIY project. Sometimes I also come up with an idea for a project and just go with it and then I will blog about it later in the week.

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