Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Bathroom with a New Addition

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The other day, I added 2 little mirrors to our guest bathroom...and when I say little, I mean it because it just took one small nail to hang each up on the wall. Nevertheless, they are cute little mirrors I purchased! There was this blank space in the bathroom to the left of where we hang the bath towels and that space was just screaming for something creative.

What did I end up using to fill the empty space that was in need of a little something??

Well, two little mirrors of course! Which you could have already guessed because I just mentioned that in the paragraph above...way to give away an answer!! Go me!!   :)

I bought both of the mirrors at the Thrift Store for $.99 a piece. They needed a little bit of paint so I go to it by painting both of them Extra White by Sherwin Williams.

Here is a picture of what they looked like before their paint job.

They were cute to begin with, but the actual color of green with the flowery accent to one side of the mirror was not something that would work with the guest bathroom in its current state so they were painted white.

(I have always used Super Paint by Sherwin Williams and I prefer it because it has a primer built in to it which is great for painting anything!!)

The picture above shows the first mirror I painted after the first coat of Extra White.

Don't you just love the octagonal shape of the mirror? I sure do!!

As soon as I spotted them in the Thrift Store, I wanted to buy both of them!

Here is the other mirror (above) and what I love about this mirror is its basic circular shape.

The two play well with eachother and look good together.

Here is another picture after the second coat of paint was applied.

The mirrors needed a little bit of cleaning up, but I did that after the paint dried.

I didn't tape around the mirrors before painting...maybe that's a big "No-No" to some, but for such a little project, I didn't feel the need to paint around the edges of the mirrors. Thankfully, no paint was splattered on the mirrors!  :)

Below is a picture of the empty wall space where I wanted to hang the mirrors.

It is the perfect spot for both little treasures and I couldn't wait to put them up on the wall!

The white accented pieces work well with the wall color which is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. It really is a pretty color and is very soothing.

Have you found a space to hang anything up even if it is something small?


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