Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

Good morning and happy Wednesday, everyone!!

My little one and I had a wonderful time going to a nearby park to play with some friends yesterday morning. It is always nice to get together with friends you know to chat and see your children play together. I wish I had taken more pictures than the two I did yesterday so I can post them. Regardless, we are thankful for the time of fellowship yesterday and always look forward to getting together with people!

Okay, so now on to my "do-it-yourself" project, just like the title states. Today's post is another quick DIY I worked on a few days ago. Are you tired of the do-it-yourself posts? I know I post a lot about DIY projects, but I just can't help myself!!  :)  These projects are so easy for anyone to do without breaking the bank, if you know what I mean. I figure, why not dress up our home with inexpensive ways to make things personal and do it with items we already have lying around?! It makes sense to me and hopefully you try some of them in your home, too!

Okay, so to begin, I purchased a $3.00 straw wreath at JoAnn Fabrics last week and used coffee filters, which we already had on hand, to decorate my wreath. Quick tid-bit of information about the filters...so my hubby and I recently purchased 1,000 coffee filters at Sam's Club!!!! You read that right...one-thousand coffee filters. I know what you are thinking! Why on earth would you do that? Well, maybe it wasn't the best decision we made, but with how much coffee my hubby drinks, and how much I occasionally have, we thought it would be a good investment and it will last us for about 3 or 4 years. Haha!! So anyways, I used about 75 filters for my wreath which makes for a good DIY project when you have that many coffee filters to spare.  :)

Here is a picture of the straw wreath purchased at JoAnn Fabrics.

What I love about these straw wreaths is not only the price, but the fact that they work really well with fabric pieces too. I remember being in the 3rd grade and making a fabric wreath at school for Christmas with a straw wreath. It's great to look back on that and see that I still am doing a similar project here. Instead of using fabric, I am using coffee filters...sweet!!  :)

This bag contains 500 filters! We also have another bag which is unopened...hehe!

Here is a picture (sorry it is soooo dark!) of the dining room window where I want to hang the wreath.

Also, I was going to put up a step-by-step post about how I attached the filters to the wreath, but there are so many ways to make your own. So I decided to post a link of a website that shows you ONE of the ways you can make a coffee filter wreath. You can find that post here.

The link above is a post from The Little Brown House blog and I didn't quite make my wreath the same way. Needless to say, it was where I was inspired to make my own coffee filter wreath.

To make our wreath, I folded each coffee filter 3 times and just hot glued each piece onto the wreath. Hence the "full" look of my wreath. See below:

I had to place the wreath in front of my DIY curtains, which you can read about here here, because I just couldn't get the shot I wanted with the curtains opened. However, the wreath looks great hanging in the window while the curtains are drawn open too!  :)

Again, sorry for the dark pictures. I just couldn't get the lighting quite right and I am working with a Power Shot camera which doesn't have much lighting options. My camera is one of those pocket sized cameras, but it does the job, so there's no need to purchase a newer one yet.  :)

I love the soft look of the wreath against the gritty look of the curtains!

Do you like the jewels hanging from our chandelier? My mom bought those for me for Christmas and I am in love!

Here is a close up shot of the wreath against the scripted curtains.
I love it!

Have a great Wednesday!

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