Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scripted DIY Curtains

This post will be a three part post. The reason that it will take me up to next week to finally finish these curtains I am working on right now is because 1.) I need to complete another set of curtains (which will hopefully get done tonight), and 2.) We won't be able to hang the curtains until this weekend.

Nevertheless, I can show you some pictures I took yesterday of the process and I must say that I am pretty happy with the way these curtains are turning out! Did I mention that the curtains are made out of canvas dropcloth from Lowe's? Isn't that cool?! This type of material makes for some good curtains and I already have some hanging in our kitchen, which you can check out here.

To start, I picked a chapter out from the book of 2 Corinthians that I could use to fill our curtain. The chapter is about love and it was read at our wedding by a very dear friend of ours so it is very special to us. I also picked a few more verses out from the Bible, one from John and another from Psalms.

I was going to use painter's tape to mark off where I needed to begin writing, but figuring that would take too long (can you tell I am a little impatient?) I decided to use a laser tool we have to help me get my lines straight.

It's funny because we just found out we had this tool a few weeks ago. I think we won it in a gift grab a few Christmas' ago.

I used a gray Sharpie marker first because I wasn't sure we had any black Sharpie markers around the house.

But then I ran upstairs and found 5 Sharpie markers in black and used them to go back over the gray. The gray was running out of ink and I didn't have a backup gray marker so I went back over the words with the black Sharpie marker and it looked much better.

Here is a picture, below, of how it started to look after going over the words again with the other Sharpie marker.

I am wondering if I wrote too much on the curtain but we will have to see what it looks like after it is hung up in our dining room. Hopefully it will look great and won't look too busy.  :)

My inspiration for this project came from the DIY Showoff blog and after looking at her curtains, she definitely put more spacing between her words and lines, but hopefully by putting my words closer together it will still look great!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have more up about this tomorrow and be ready for the final reveal on Monday!


  1. I'm so glad you said "hi" today which brought me back to check out your DIY. Your curtains look beautiful! I love that you have more words and the that you chose a verse from your wedding. So special! :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Roeshel,

    I have been so inspired by your blog after recently finding it and your house is so beautiful! Thank you for your inspiration and I look forward to seeing more posts. :)



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