Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Canvas Wrapped Glass Vases

I get really excited when an idea pops into my head while working on another DIY project around the house. This post is about one of those do-it-yourself projects that just came to my mind as I was working on the curtains for our dining room recently. (More on that post here)

I ended up having a little bit of left over canvas dropcloth fabric and did not want to throw it all away, so when the idea to wrap two of our glass vases popped into my head, I decided to give it a try.

To begin this project, I took two glass vases that we purchased almost 4 years ago for our wedding to decorate. F.Y.I.- we actually bought all of our vases at the Dollar Tree years ago! It was a great way to save some money when decorating the tables at our wedding reception.  :)

So here is a picture of the vase before it was wrapped in the canvas dropcloth.

The vase doesn't look too hot in this picture, as you can see, but it looked pretty at our wedding reception.  :) I wish I had a picture on hand to show you, but I would have to dig that up in our archives to post.

After picking out my vases, I cut out a little square from the left over canvas dropcloth to wrap around my vase.
I also used my hot glue gun to keep the cloth on the vase, but made sure to do that in such a way that none of the glue actually touched the vase. This way I can always take the wrapped cloth off the vase in the future, if need be, to change up the style of the vase.
But for now, I simply love it. It was an easy and simple project that was completed during my little ones nap...those are the kind of projects I like doing around the house!  :) And thankfully she loves nap time!!

A close up shot of the vase.

Oh, and the vase is filled with fake flowers and decor of course!  :)
We had friends over the other weekend and someone commented on the flowers at our dining room table. They couldn't tell if the flowers were real or fake and that actually made me happy. Although they may not look like real flowers to me, they are pretty and look real to some people at least.

I do want to mention that I bought these decorations at Wal-Mart and still need to buy more to fill the other vase I made. Hopefully the little one and I can make it out to the store this week to buy some more.

Here is another picture taken up close.

I think I will buy some different colored flowers for the second vase to change things up a bit from the red flowers. I was thinking some kind of blue and green color would look great! I may even mix and match the red flowers with the new flowers and put some of each in the different vases.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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