Monday, April 30, 2012

Nursery With Some Added Updates

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope everyone had a relaxing and restful weekend! My family and I sure did with yesterday spent with some good friends and good food after church on Sunday.

Before I begin talking about my entire post in detail, I wanted to show you the collage I created in Picasa recently.
(F.Y.I.- Some of the pictures shown are original ones I took after I first completed the nursery).

Here is the second collage (below) that I created after a few updates were made to the nursery.
 The minor updates I am talking about here are mainly just picture editing updates and a few new additions which will be explained in more detail at the end of this post. I know...not a whole lot of changing going on in her room as far as paint or furniture is concerned, but I was playing around with Picasa this weekend and found out how to play around with the collage button. :) I'm a nerd, I know, but it was FUN!!

Anyways, I wanted to play around with the pictures that I had already taken of her room a while ago, which you can read about in one of my first blog posts here.

My whole reasoning for this post was to feature this particular post in a new "Tab" I want to create soon which will showcase parts of our home. I feel a little weird about putting up a bunch of pictures of entire rooms in our home, which may sound weird to some people, but if I'm not comfortable with something, then I won't do it. However, you will still get to see pictures of rooms along the way that have been decorated or redone and you can also read about all of the details, too. If I miss anything or leave a detail out, please feel free to comment and ask away so I can answer your question!  :)

Okay, so now on to talk about where some of the items (new and old) in the nursery came from and I will also mention the paint colors again.


Paint colors:
Blue on walls is Bubble by Sherwin Williams
Green on walls is Lime Rickey (what a cool name) by Sherwin Williams

1. Cloud stickers are from Amazon
2. Animal stickers were purchased from Kohls (bought in store at 50% off)
3. Baby bedding and other matching products by Cocalo for Toys "R" Us (given to me by a friend)
4. Stuffed animals were gifts from my baby showers
5. Rocking chair is from (gift)
6. "Baby Sleeps Here Pillow" was hand-made by memaw (my mother-in-law)
7. Emily crib and changing table from Toys "R" Us (also a gift from family)
8. Flower Patterend Rug from Office Max
9. Winnie-the-Pooh and friends art was from my baby days back in the day  :)
10. Painted White End Table from Goodwill
11. Pink knobs on end table from Lowe's
12. Most other miscellaneous items not mentioned were gifts from friends and family

As you can see, most of the items in the nursery were given as gifts or passed down to us from friends and family which makes this nursery very special to us.
I have also recently updated the room a little bit since I finished the nursery last year.

We have added some of our daughter's books to this little shelf as well as use it as a space to hang some of her very first newborn clothes.  :)

We also added some new curtains and shade to the windows which you can read more about here.

I also painted this Goodwill nightstand and added some new pink knobs for extra storage space in a corner of the nursery.

The cute little pillow was a gift from my family and it fits perfectly on the rocker.

And just a few more pictures...

I think that about does it for this room. As a family, we love spending time in the nursery reading, talking, playing, and praying as a family. The colors and the feel of the room make it so inviting and a great place to spend quality time.  :)
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  1. What a sweet room for your little angel! So many pretty accents and love the colors!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! :)



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