Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Nursery Shades

Today's post will be another quick one about nursery shades for, you guessed it, the nursery!

One of the very first posts I wrote was about decorating our little girl's room and although it has been done for quite some time, there has been one thing we have needed to add to her room.

Recently, we have been wanting to add a black out curtain of some sort to the window in her bedroom because it lets in so much natural light. Having that much light shine into her room has been a little bit of a distraction to her when she gets up in the mornings because if the sun is shining bright and early and there is little cloud coverage or fog, our little one is up and ready to begin the day. Now, I realize that most people want a lot of natural light in their home, and I totally agree with that. However, in our little girl's room we really needed some sort of darkening shade on her window to help her sleep and/or nap better when the sun is still out.

And because of what I mentioned above, I have been on the hunt for some kind of new shade for her window. I was originally thinking of getting a curtain liner that could be sewed to the back of the current curtains in her room already, that is until I went to Wal-Mart today and picked up this (pictured below) for under $4.00!!!  


New window shade!

And it is pleated too!

 So here is what the room looks like in mid-day and you can see by this picture that this one window lets in a ton of light! It doesn't help that we have hung white curtains on the window, but I didn't want to get rid of them so we needed to find a solution to block out the sun when needed.

After taking the new roller shade out of its "box", I noticed that it was just a tad too long on the sides. I used my Exacto knife to trim the edges so it would fit inside the window and decided to take off about 1" on both sides total.

I really like the pleating on these shades!

There is a sticky part on the top of the roller shade that just holds to the wall.
It is a pretty simple gadget that does the trick!

I just peeled off the sticker that was at the top of the window shade and stuck it up on the wall underneath the window opening. How easy is that?!

Holding the shade in place so it sticks to the wall.

The picture below shows what her room looks like after the new shades are installed and the white curtains are placed back, this time in front of the new roller shade. I love it!

Not too shabby for under $4.00, right?!  :)

So again, here is a BEFORE picture of the room:

And here is her room AFTER the new shades were "installed."

Now she will sleep a little bit better knowing the sun won't be shining in on her crib.  :)

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  1. Your baby must be very thankful for what you’ve done! Babies’ eyes are very delicate, and can feel irritated or annoyed when there’s just too much light. It’s good that you decided to install a new shade in her room. She’s probably having good sleep now. Are you still using this particular shade?


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