Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dining Room Ideas

So I have been wanting to recover our dining room chairs and our dining room bench for a little while ever since I got a little bit of paint on some of the original chair coverings.  :)  Ooppss! And I didn't get paint on the chairs on purpose just to recover them with pretty fabric. Seriously! But I shouldn't have used them to paint some of the higher parts of our walls in the first place...another lesson learned. It was just easier to use the chair instead of a ladder because I can just quickly pick up the chair or slide it as I paint. And I know, painting with a ladder is not that much heavier to move than our dining room chair, but in my mind at the time I was painting, I thought the chair would be easier and smarter to use. Wrong!

Anyways, I am going to post some pictures of the chairs in their original state when we first purchased them last year and of the fabric I will be using to recover (reupholster) them. If I decide to change out the old fabric with the new fabric, then the curtains in the dining room will have to be switched out, but we won't be getting rid of the curtains for good...we will be using them in another part of our house...most likely our master bathroom which is currently sporting an awesome old shower curtain over the window right now. Kind of sad that we really haven't done much with the master bathroom, but we are fine with that for now. There are some plans of decorating that room which will be on hold for now  :)

Here are some pictures of the dining room chairs and bench that I said I would post.

Remember this chair that I reupholstered after we bought it from the Thrift Store? I want to use this fabric for the dining room so it creates a nice flow through our house.

In this picture, the background of the fabric looks a little yellow, but it is actually a light tan that works well with the wall color in our home.

Obviously, I haven't reupholstered the bench yet, but draping the fabric over the bench like this gave me a good idea of what the fabric will look like against the darker wooden legs of the bench.

Here is the color of the originial fabric on one of the chairs as of now.
In this picture you can also see my Gator scarf!! Go GATORS!!!

And in this picture, if you look to the right of the chair on the fabric, you can see some of the paint marks that splattered onto it.  :( 
Not too pretty right now.

And another picture of the fabric as it would look when natural light comes through the dining room.
I love having the curtains pulled back in our house so the sun can shine in!

Maybe I will have pictures of the finished product up tomorrow! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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