Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mantle Art- DIY

Today's post was a little unexpected because I was going to post about just one quick project I worked on a few days ago, but last night after looking at another blog, I wanted to try another quick DIY project which I am blogging about too!

Therefore, there will be 2 posts about projects I have done this week. Both are quick and easy projects anyone can do at home and both can be modified to your liking.

The first project I finished...and I say that like it took a couple of days for me to do, but it was more like 30 minutes...was making a pencil cup holder. I used a regular ol' can from the grocery store that was going to be recycled anyways and turned it from this....

Regular store bought can (cleaned up and dried)

To something that looks like this!

And it holds my pens, scissors, and glue sticks as of today. A great storage solution for next to nothing!

I used the leftover yarn from a wreath I completed a few months ago and just wrapped it around my can two times to make sure there were no blank spaces showing from the can.
Leftover yarn from another project

Then I just plugged my hot glue gun in so I was ready to glue the yarn onto the can. After wrapping the yarn around twice, I let the glue dry and this was the end result!

Yarn storage container

It may not look all that fancy schmancy, but for what I had lying around the house, it makes for a pretty good storage container!   :)

It serves as a great place to put my glue sticks, scissors (not pictured here),
and pens.


Another quick DIY project I worked on last night was making a spring nest frame piece to put above the fireplace. I added my own spin to the project because I didn't come up with this cute idea. I actually saw it on this blog by and it was pinned to Pinterest. Here is her finished product!

Her frame is super cute and her spring nests look better than mine, but I used what we had lying around the house.

Not as fancy as what Midwesternsewinggirl did, but it works for us.

I am going to modify it a little bit until I love it!

As I was going to upload the pictures to post about the step-by-step process, my computer decided to reboot. Since I am a little too lazy to reupload them all again right now, I might save them for a post later today. Also, shows a step-by-step process for how to make your spring mantle, so check it out.

For what I used, everything was free because we already had the items lying around the house somewhere. Love when you can make something new from old things!

My mantle is not completed yet. I still need to add a mirror over the fireplace and maybe some other side accent pieces...but for now, it will stay like this because I am in no rush to have it all done anytime soon.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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