Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dining Room Chairs- Like New!

As I mentioned yesterday, I said there would be a post about my dining room chairs...the before and after. That will be true for today's post!

I also said I would mention what the "secret" fabric was that I used to reupholster our dining room chairs......are you ready to hear what I used???


That's right! For a little over $10.00, you can purchase "fabric"...(a.k.a. a canvas dropcloth)...and use it for covering chairs or even curtains. Why didn't I think of this before? Well, I didn't think of it at all on my own. I actually saw it on one of the blogs I read and thought it was such a great idea!
And I even have enough fabric left over to make curtains for the kitchen! YAY!

Here are some pictures of what canvas dropcloths can look like if you use it to reupholster furniture or if you use them as curtains, too.

Addicted2Decorting blog

Plum Doodles blog
Painted canvas dropcloths

Here are some curtains using canvas dropcloths. I might do this in our kitchen.

TheLetteredCottage blog

Here are some painted dropcloth curtains from HouseTweaking.

I will post some pictures of how I reupholstered our dining room chairs using the dropcloth curtains from Lowe's. I may even paint a little something on the dropcloth fabric to give our chairs a little more personality.

First, take apart the chair with a screwdriver and set your items aside.

Measure out how much fabric you will need to cover the seat.

Still measuring...

Cut around the edges of your fabric to fit the seat.

Once your fabric is cut, line up your seat with the fabric and get ready to staple away.

This is what the chair looked like before. I really should have posted this picture first.  ;)

This is what the seat looks like after the fabric has been stapled to the seat.

Not the best part, but you have to line up the holes with your screws so the seat with hold to the chair safely.

The finished product...so easy peasy!!!

So excited it is completed!!

Here I just wanted to post a picture of what the edges around the chair look like.

I had to reupholster 4 chairs total...only took about 30-40 minutes to do.

Love, love, love it!!

I think reupholstering furniture is something I will always think about doing before buying a new piece of furniture. It is fun to do and much cheaper than buying new! Have you used canvas dropcloths for any creative activity besides painting?

Thanks for stopping by!

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