Monday, March 5, 2012

Finishing the Gallery Wall

I recently posted about our gallery wall and showed how to make one in your own home in an earlier post a few months ago. But, I didn't exactly complete my gallery wall because there was room for one more photo/frame that I needed to put up on the wall. I had been planning on purchasing a wooden letter "B" at Michael's, or some other craft store, and then was going to paint it some fancy color like a peacock blue or lime green. I thought it would be cute to have a painted wooden letter up next to the frames on the wall. However, my mom sent up some Southern Living magazines recently and other crafty magazines and as I was looking through them, I came upon something that would work perfectly for filling up the empty space on our gallery wall. Here is a picture of what I stumbled upon in the magazine.

Yes, I realize that the edges to the right of the paper are jagged, but that can easily be fixed with scissors and careful cutting.  :)

Here is the empty space I was talking about in the picture above.

Yesterday, the family and I went to our local Thrift Store...yeah, I know I mention that place all the time, but you really can't find a better deal and it supports a good cause. We are always thinking about how we can reuse jewels that others give away.

This frame may not look that great to some people, but it fits perfectly with our gallery wall because I didn't want all of our picture frames to be one monotonous color scheme. This is also a very sturdy picture frame that cost us $1.04 and that is with tax included!  :) At other stores this frame would cost us $4.00 to $7.00...and I know this because I had been looking for one like this last week. Why I didn't go to the Thrift Store in the first place to find it, I have no idea. I'm glad we were able to snag it up when we found it yesterday though!

Here I am trying to get a rough estimate of how much I need to cut around the sides of the magazine picture.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! (When I taught 3rd grade back in Florida, I had a student that would always say those 4 words all the time...hopefully that meant I was doing a good job teaching academic material to the class!)   :)

The finished product below in the frame and all.

I love using my fancy hammer that was given to me as a Christmas present by my mother-in-law! It works well and it is super cute, if I do say so myself!

Sorry about the flash in the pictures, but I am using a basic camera so it doesn't do the best job, but it does the job I need it too.

There you have it! $1.04 to complete my gallery wall and I would say that this whole gallery wall project probably cost about $35 or so...most of the cost came from frames I purchased at Target and the other frames were from the Thrift Store or what we had lying around the house.

I love my new gallery wall now that it is complete and it doesn't look too bad against the new wall color either!   :)

For now, I need to get some things ready around the house that we are planning to give away to the Vietnam Veterans of America.

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