Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creating A Personalized Mirror

Last week, I went to Target with my little one and bought 2 long mirrors for $6.00 a piece. After reading about a Ballard Design knock-off mirror from Thrifty and Chic's blog, I wanted to do a couple of my own mirrors too!

However, the other day, I was playing with our little booty (sometimes we call her that...random, I know, but we think it is a cute nickname!) and chasing our dog around the house for some fun time. Well, I had leaned both of our mirrors against the wall in the dining room and after our dog ran around the table a couple of times, his tail swiped the mirror and it fell and broke.  :(   Boo!!! But, at least I still had another mirror left so I decided to go ahead with my project and just complete one of the mirrors for you and then sometime this week I will try and do the other one...after I buy another mirror, of course.

The one mirror that survived puppy play time.  :0

I would like to hang a mirror on each side of my painting.

Much needed Sharpie pen purchased at JoAnn's.

Measuring the mirror to figure out where I need to begin my lines.

I had to trace over my lines that I originally did using an eye liner pen.

The finished mirror

Another shot of my mirror. YAY!!

This is pretty easy to do if you have the materials handy. The Sharpie pen I bought for $1.50 on sale at JoAnn's and there will be enough paint to do another mirror when I get around to it.

I love personalizing things and doing them myself to decorate our home.

You can also use any picture online as an inspiration for how you want to design and paint your mirror, but I chose this design because I saw it on Thriftyandchic's blog and she did a gorgeous job. Since she said it was pretty easy, I decided to give it a go! It is a little time consuming, but once you figure out your measurements, it's pretty simple to complete.

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