Monday, March 12, 2012

Painting Downstairs is Complete...

Next up will be the loft! Man, I do hope that the paint color chosen for the loft will look just as nice as downstairs.  :)  I chose a lighter shade than what we have downstairs and in the stairwell. The loft paint color is called Wool Skein by Sherwin Williams. I have a sample of it up on the wall upstairs, but probably won't post pictures of the color until we finish painting the loft.

I will be posting some pictures of our painting experience and the finished paint job we did during the weekend. The hubs helped me paint the stairwell because, frankly, I needed his height to help me reach those really high ceilings and he is not too shabby of a painter either.  ;)

We began to set up our supplies and we got our area prepped after our baby girl went down for her first morning nap. Funny thing is, after we started painting the walls, she woke up from her nap so what did we do? We took turns painting so that one of us was always with her. I think she was very entertained by what we were doing with the walls. Maybe that means she will be a creative little genius when she gets older! If not, I will make encourage her to tap into her creative side.  :)

Well, without further ado, here are some of those pictures I took of what we were up to Saturday morning.

Here you can see the ladder we were using. Yep!! It is just a regular ladder we bought at Lowe's. It would've been more helpful if we had one of those 20 something foot ladders, but those puppies cost about $350!!! To be cheap, I just had my hubby use a roller extension to get the high parts of the ceiling and that worked out great. Plus, it helps that he is a really tall guy, too!  :)

The wall color looks a little more green than tan here, but it does definitely have a hint of green in it. It takes on more of a tan look in natural light and a greener look at night.

A picture of the corners of the walls after they were painted. I could've purchased one of those corner painting things at Lowe's, but it was a little over $5.00 and I didn't want to spend that on something we really didn't need. Hey! Call me cheap, but I try and save mula wherever I can!  :)

Hehe...just a picture of the edger creeping up onto the wall. That roller extension we used was a great buy- especially for those hard to reach places.

There was NO WAY I would've been able to get all the way up there. Our ceiling height in the stairwell is ridiculous. It makes us wonder how we are going to change out that light fixture.

Just wanted to snap some pictures up of the color near the baseboards. Did we use a tarp around here, you ask?? Nope! We just used some old magazine pages to cover the floor to prevent spills.

Half of the wall paint up on the stairwell. See where the top of the stairwell meets the side wall? That is where the new color will start- Wool Skein by Sherwin Williams.

The color looks rather good against the gallery wall we have leading up to the second floor.

I really want to put a darker stain onto our banisters. I'm really not liking the lighter oak color on them, especially when our cabinets are made of a darker wood.

Peeking up the stairs.

Here is a good representation of what the color looks like in our home. Relaxed Khaki is one of those colors that transforms during the day and night. Test it out first in your home before deciding if it is right for you- and that goes for any color you see online or in pictures in magazines!

Tomorrow I am hoping to post some pictures of how I reupholstered the rest of our dining room chairs...well, I haven't done it yet, but all the supplies are ready. The fabric I will be using isn't something you find at JoAnn's either....I actually found it at Lowe's! Find out tomorrow what the secret fabric is if you are curious!  :)

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