Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dollar Tree DIY

For a few weeks I was on the hunt for some contact paper that was pretty enough to decorate my office desk. Originally, I was planning on just covering the top of my desk to prevent scratch marks, but changed my mind. Instead, I just wanted to cover the bottom of the pull out drawers and would eventually like to put a glass piece over the top of my desk.

When picking out the contact paper, I wanted something that had a little bit of green in it to go with the wall color we have because our new wall color has a hint of green in it. While shopping around, I noticed that TJMaxx and Ross had contact paper but the selections were sparse and it was going to cost me $6.00 for 2 small rolls and I didn't need that much to cover my desk. Plus, I didn't really want to spend $6.00! I know you might be thinking, "Wow, how cheap can you be?!?" But, seriously, I knew there had to be something else out there I would love and that would cost less than $6.00.

While my family and I were out and about last week, I decided to take a look at the Dollar Tree and am sure glad we did that! I found this pretty contact paper pictured below for just $1.00!!

The pattern is seriously what I was picturing in my mind!!

I needed scissors and my edging knife to cut the contact paper. The Exacto knife worked the best for this project because I was able to get a cleaner cut with it around the drawers. 

I had 3 drawers to cover and the two drawers on the end of my desk are the smallest so they were the easiest to cover.

This is one of the 3 drawers I needed to cover. It is one of the end drawers.

Cutting the contact paper to size. Thankfully, there were lines I could follow
on the back of the paper.  :)

Seeing how it will look once before it was put onto my drawer.

I had to slowly peel off the backing to make sure I didn't have too many bubbles left.
Some bubbles still got in there, but it was no biggie to me.

YAY! I love how it turned out!

Side view of the drawer.

Placing the drawer back into the desk.

This is the larger piece I had to measure. It is the middle drawer.

Peeling the paper.

Again, I love the pattern and the colors!  :)

I normally don't think of the Dollar Tree as a place to look and shop for items, but sometimes it is worth just checking out because you never know what you will find. If it is something you love, then you can't beat the price and you should get it!  :)

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