Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update to the Gallery Wall

A few weeks ago, I purchased an oak frame from the Thrift Store for a very cheap price and added it to my gallery wall. After putting up the picture frame on our wall, over time (and yes, after only a few weeks) I wasn't really feeling the oak frame and had been wanting to paint it ever since then.

So what does a girl do when she wants to paint? Well, if you are like me, you paint away and that is just what I did.  :)

Old gallery wall with oak frame.

I laid down some old magazine pages before painting my frame. This was a quick project to do and very easy.  

First coat of white paint and ready for a second coat

This is after the second coat of paint. I could have done a third but
I really liked the distressed look of the frame after the second coat of paint
 so I kept it that way.

After the paint dried on the frame, it was time to put our frame back up and take some pictures of it for the blog.

New frame on gallery wall

Full gallery wall

I like this look much better. I still have some darker wood colored frames mixed with the black and white frames from Target and the Thrift Store here because, like I had mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted a mixed look instead of having all of the frames match. There is still more to be done by the gallery wall...like adding some storage for guests to put their things and adding a place for our shoes to be stored, etc., but it doesn't have to be done all at once.  :)

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