Monday, March 19, 2012

Painting the Loft

YAY! The loft is finally painted and we love the color! Now the loft looks like it flows with the rest of the house. We decided to go with a shade lighter than the wall color downstairs and I am really glad we did that because the loft doesn't get as much natural light as downstairs, so it made sense to go down one shade on the color card. The new color, as mentioned in other posts, is called Wool Skein. It is a lighter tan based color with a hint of green/gray. Here are a few pictures of the space now.

Wool Skein by Sherwin Williams

Tessa's books and toys stored in Target storage bins.

So many books for a little girl to read.  :)

The wall color to the left is Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki.
The wall color to the right is Wool Skein- a shade lighter than Relaxed Khaki.

Again, you can see where the two colors meet on the stairwell.

The frame has our wedding song printed up- "Fields of Gold" by Sting.  :)

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