Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"T" & "L" Burlap Pillows

I recently made some little navy pillows for my daughters for their play area in our loft.
I cut some burlap and glued it to the navy pillows with the letters "T" and "L" to represent our daughters initials.

I added a flower to one of the pillows and am thinking about doing something similar to the other one.
Our youngest loves playing with the flower. :) And our oldest likes pointing out the letters on the pillows. She is really into doing that now...and she is getting quite good at her alphabet!

Our girls have quite the collection of books, don't they?
And that's not all of their books either. There's of course more in the house...oh the joys of having been a teacher!!

Our oldest daughter LOVES the Olivia books. We have read almost every single one to her and her favorite is the very first one titled, "Olivia." It is neat to see her really get into books now and she has even begun reading with us and to her sister...of course since she is only 2 she is "reading" sentences she hears us say to her from the books. ;) But it is still pretty cute!

I like how they turned out, but I am thinking of moving them to a small reading nook I am currently working on in one of the bedroom closets. I'm hoping the small space will function both as a reading nook and a place to store clothes as well.

I also changed out the bench fabric that use to look like this.
I like the simplicity of the green fabric much better than the geometric print.

That's all for today folks!

Thanks for stopping by!

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