Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dear Lydia

Dear Love,

Well, today is the day...
the day that you turn one!!

Wasn't it just yesterday that you entered the world and looked like this?

Where do I begin?!

Well, you certainly add the spice and spunk to our lives!
You always have a way of making us laugh and you love attention...yes indeedy!

Oh will you just look at those sweet cheeks in the photo above?! Come on! Love it!

I will always remember, you were about 6 months old (or a few weeks younger) and you began to do the "attention cough." You know, where someone is talking to someone else and if you don't feel included or aren't getting that eye contact, you start "Ahem...Cough, cough!" and then smile widely.

You still do it from time to time as if to say, "Hey guys, don't forget about me here." 
In fact, you did it plenty the other day when we had guests over. :)

Truth is, we will never forget about you, Love. Ever.
How can we? God placed you in our lives for a reason and because of that, our lives will never be the same. In a great way, of course!

Your piercing blue eyes are stunning and you have a way about you that is charming and lights up a room.

You smile and our hearts melt.

You reach for us and we are there to pick you up-you love people.

You make us laugh at things I didn't think a baby could make one laugh.

For example...

eating paper- YES! ...and you don't do this secretly either...Nope, that would be too easy...instead, you rip a small piece of paper out of one of my magazines, pull at mommy's or daddy's shirt, look at us square in the eye, smile, crinkle the paper up, AND shove it right into your mouth- while smiling some more! (I just have to highlight this one because you do this often- I think it's just to get a laugh out of us- here's to hoping that's what you are doing and it's not that you actually enjoy the taste of paper!)

No doubt you will be the funny one or outgoing one in school. You are an extrovert in training my dear and you don't get that from me, that's for sure!

Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves here...
there are plenty of times that look like this...

But they quickly fade away because you don't like to be upset or sad.

You are a cuddle-bug and every morning you wake, you want a hug.
We love the way you reach out your arms for daddy when he comes home and immediately lay your head on his chest when he picks you up!

Makes my heart melt even more just writing that!

You are so into Lego's and stacking things, like plastic cups- just like your big sister.
You get very determined to stack the Lego's by yourself that when mommy or sissy tries to help, you whine as if to say, "I've got this guys!"

Man, do you love books and story-time!
I remember when we all went to the library for story-time one day.
There were a bunch of little ones in the room with their parents and you and this one other boy went right up to the lady who was reading the books and just sat there and listened. You were so fascinated and it made us proud parents, that's for sure!
You later tackled that same boy that sat next to you listening to the story....but we won't talk about that one, okay. ;)

And yes, that bottom magazine shelf is falling- happened because you like to pull excitedly on the shelf that mommy made just to get to your books.

And the way you interact with your older sister is priceless.
No doubt you two will be in cahoots together...heck, you probably already are and mommy is just not aware of it yet!

It's hard to believe the year has gone by, but it sure has NOT been forgotten.

You have been such a blessing to mommy and daddy, sissy, and puppy (who is like one of your favorites in addition to so many other people and things).

Happy one year, Lydia!
We love you dearly and can't imagine life without you.


  1. Sweet Lydia ... she's just precious and sounds like such a fun baby girl.

  2. Oh my goodness...she is!
    She is a delight and it's so fun to see her grow and learn. She is finally taking more steps and is close to walking on her own!
    So exciting! :)

  3. Just read your blog. It melted my heart too! Children are so very different. We must always remember that. Love to you lovely Lydia from your MiMi.

  4. Stephanie, This is so beautiful! We love the pictures; and the comments you wrote about Lydia really say so much about her adorable personality. She certainly is a charmer! Lots of love, Mema & Poppie.

  5. Thank you, Judy! It will be fun for the girls to look back at these moments. :)


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