Monday, February 10, 2014

Master Bath Update

Hey there!
Hope everyone had a pretty fabulous weekend.
My hubby and I got the chance to go to a marriage retreat with folks from our church and other nearby churches in our area...and it was great! We got an awesome babysitter (also from our church) and got to spend 2 days together...just us! We learned a lot and just felt encouraged...and let's face it, getting a 2 hour lunch break with my husband at the Cheesecake Factory wasn't bad either. ;)

Anyways (can you tell I have a hard time transitioning from one topic to another?!), a few weeks ago, my hubby and I got to work on our master bathroom and added some molding to the walls. Eekkk!! It looks so good now with the changes.

And a quick warning: This post has tons of pictures so please enjoy. ;)

Okay, so here are some before pictures of what our area looked like.
Pretty, huh? 
Not really...but that has changed!

The gray wall color is called Repose by Sherwin Williams.
It is a very light gray that works well with our darker sink cabinets.

We bought molding at the Home was pretty cheap and didn't break the budget, know what I mean, so it was money well spent!
Oh, and it's plastic molding (hence the low cost) but you can't tell that at all when you look at it!

We  Hubby measured everything to make sure all was nice and straight.
He's so good at that.
If it were me doing this project on my own, you know I would have just eyeballed the whole thing and who knows how that would have turned out!

And maybe earlier in the post you were wondering why we wanted to add molding and paint above it.
If you didn't wonder why, well, now you are going to find out why anyways.

Just take a look at the pictures below and you will see why.


And another...

Tired of it yet...

Here's one more picture just in case it was hard to see why we wanted to change things up!

Not too good at all...makes you wonder what we were doing while we were painting up there.
No seriously, it wasn't that bad, but it was noticeable.
So the grand idea was to add molding about 14 inches below the ceiling height and paint over the gray in white.

So much better already!

Now, here is the funny part (well, not really at the time) but it is now.
So, my hubby went to Sherwin Williams to pick up the white paint color that we were told matched the ceiling in the rest of the house.
A few minutes after the molding went up, we had a our new white color (supposedly the ceiling color) called Bone White. 
This was the color our painter told us to get so it would match.
Well, long story short, it WAS NOT the ceiling color AT fact, it was cream.
Seriously, no lie...CREAM!
We never noticed it until now, but our living room ceiling color is cream and the rest of the house is white. We had some work done to the ceiling down stairs last year and it was all repainted in this cream color called Bone White...which was not the original color.

Ugh, so anyways, we had to come up with a new plan and here is what we did.
We had some leftover white paint from this building project we completed last year and decided it wouldn't hurt to give that a go on the upper walls.

The second white color is called Westhighland White and it was the perfect match.
Well, not EXACTLY perfect, but it sure did cover up everything we needed.
You can't even tell the difference now in the Westhighland White and the original paint color on the ceiling.

Can you see the difference in the paint colors?
This is the white partly over the cream.
Hey, you know, to laugh the whole thing off, my hubby just said, "We will just act like the Bone White was our primer."
Love it!
Thanks builder painter guy!

And now for some pictures of the finished project.

We love it so and are happy with the way it turned out.
Obviously the bath needs some other little changes, but we aren't worrying about those right now.
It feels good to complete these projects together.
Hooray for teamwork!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this idea and the colors turned out perfect. Looks amazing and adds so much architectural detail. Be sure to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon. Hugs, Marty

  2. Absolutely! Thanks for always hosting a fabulous party. :)


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