Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vintage Dresser from 1930's or 1940's

Hi everyone...
thank you for your prayers from my most recent post.
I know I mostly post about DIY things, but this story really touched my heart and that's why I had to share it so thank you for letting me do that!

Now, I did complete some DIY projects in the past few weeks and wanted to share one of my most recent projects with you all.

Last month, I purchased a vintage dresser from the thrift store for under $50. Crazy huh?
Especially when you see ones like this
from IKEA for $99...and this one just has 2 drawers.

The dresser I bought is made our of solid wood with original hardware...and it has 4 drawers!
Oh...and it also sits on casters (how often can you find those around) so it is easy to maneuver. 

Hey! It really pays to live in a town where most of the place is retired folks. I tell ya, our thrift store always has so many vintage's hard to not walk away with something in your hand...but because of a budget and lack of space, I often do, sadly. :)

Here is the dresser I purchased before I painted it.

I added some wood filler to some areas to fill in parts of the dresser that were chipped.

I decided to buy a sample quart of paint at Sherwin Williams when they were having a sale and picked Comical Coral...a beautiful shade of pink with a tiny, tiny hint of orange. 
I heard about this paint color from one of my favorite blogs to read, YoungHouseLove.

Ahhh...I love those wheels!!!

Ok, now after the dresser was painted and dried, I used some Antiquing Glaze to dirty it up a little bit. This also helped some of the parts stand out that needed it like the little grooves on the dresser fronts.

And these knobs are original to the dresser (at least from what I can tell...ha) but they are so beautiful!
I love the detail on them!

Oh and the fake marble-like contact paper was originally lined the drawers but that was taken off pronto!

Here is the dresser in our little girl's nursery!
Hopefully I will have more to come on this room.
I made a few small changes to it and I love what it looks like!

Thanks for stopping by!

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