Saturday, November 22, 2014

Girls Bedroom Progress

Well, the girl's bedroom is almost done...I figured it would be good to post about the progress made in there so far and I will add the details about the room progress at the end of this post.

I will start with some pictures first. :)

I have been waffling back and forth about curtains for the windows. I was thinking of either white or pink ones to replace the ones in there already because they are just make-shift curtains right now made from a bed sheet. :)
I asked the girls about which color they would prefer, and of course the answer was "Pink"! So I am giving it some thought...IKEA sells the ones they like, but I'm not sure we will be able to make a trip up there anytime soon.

The nightstands were moved from our room to here.  They fit perfectly in here and the girls love them. It's funny, because my youngest keeps trying to pull the handles to "open" the drawers to the nightstand, but it still hasn't completely clicked with her that the handles are just for decoration. There actually isn't a drawer. hehe!

The girls also want the walls painted pink...but if we actually do that, I think I can only handle a VERY pale pink wall color. Especially if we end up getting pink walls on top of that might be overkill. And I want this to be a room that will grow with them as well...not one where there has to be a drastic change every few years.

I think the picture above is one of my favorites!
And you can see that our younger daughter's bed (the one on the far right) is lower than the other bed...that is because we haven't put the bed frame on the bed yet. She is still a little young, and although she hasn't fallen out of the bed, we just want to be safe. So we have it sitting pretty low for her right now.

Source list:

Wall color- Was here when we moved it- but it is a light creamy, yellowy off-white.
Bed Spread and pillow covers- A gift from my mom and purchased at Ollie's
Nightstands- Thrift store find
Lamp- Outlet Store in Williamsburg
Frames and pictures- Gifts from grandparents
Basket- Thrift store find
Bell Wreath on Door- Another thrift store find :) Once the girls saw it, they "just had to have it"
Mirrors on wall- Target

**I would still love to also get a rug for this room to put between there beds to add a little more texture and color- but there is no rush for it so I am taking my time finding one.

That's the tour of their room for now. As we make more progress in here, I will post and share pictures.
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!!

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