Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Little Bit More...

I haven't been blogging for that long especially when compared to some of the other "big" bloggers out there who have been doing this for years. So I certainly would not call myself a pro at this whole blogging thing because I am still learning many new things- like how to take better pictures, how to write clearer to capture peoples attention, and how to share a little bit more about myself (without sharing too much if you know what I mean). 

I really enjoy reading about other bloggers so when they decide to share a little bit more about the person they are, I get hooked and feel a bit of a connection. However, I am still all about the DIY projects when it really comes down to it and that is why I share most of that on my blog. Making things like furniture or a house come to life is something I love to do so I don't see that changing anytime soon. But I did want to write a bullet list of my life here if you don't mind, and hope that for those of you who are new here, it will help you get to know me a bit better.

So let's begin!

* My name is Stephanie- hopefully you knew that by now though ;)   I have one younger sister and 2 older step-brothers. None of them live close-by unfortunately. 

* I took ballet, tap, and jazz as a kid for 5 years and performed in many recitals. I have the tapes to prove it!

* I am a huge tennis fan and call that one of my favorite sports. Basketball comes in at a close second though.

*My younger sister and I played doubles as well as singles in high school together and we were featured in a few local magazines for it. It was fun being interviewed for that kind of thing. We worked well as a team together and I wish we could still play together. If only we lived closer to each other!

* The University of Florida is where I went to college and received my bachelor's and master's degree in Education. I also met my husband there and we dated for 6 months before we knew we were going to get married to each other. 

* I have been married twice...to the same man...and there was no separation or divorce involved peeps. We just decided that our original 7 month engagement was too long for us so we decided to get married at an earlier date with only our small group at church in attendance. It was very sweet and very special. We had our 2nd wedding with family and friends and that was a much bigger celebration. 

* My husband and I also rock climbed together for a few years while we were in Florida and we miss it so much. There are currently no rock gyms close by where we live now, so we have to settle on a small rock wall at a nearby gym if we want to go. We are hopeful that one will open up close-by in the future soon. Here's to hoping!!

* I was a teacher for 4 years in Florida before we moved to Virginia. Both of our daughters were born here and so I now stay at home with both of them. Some day I would like to go back to teaching because I do miss it, but I absolutely love being a stay-at-home mom and cherish these moments with my girls!

* Blogging for me began after my oldest daughter was born. It started out as just a way for me to write down some of the minor projects I would do around the house and it turned into something I really enjoy and will continue to do while I can. And I mostly blog in the evenings after our girls go to bed...that way I can just hit "publish" in the mornings and my post is already ready for others to read!

* I am a lefty. Kind of proud of that for some reason. I guess because it's not that common, maybe? I don't know. But it's fun to tell people that. I'm weird. :)

Well, that's me. There is more of course, but this was what came to mind when typing this up quickly. I look forward to a year of inspiration, encouragement,  and friendship with you all.

**Also, I know many of you have already done this, but if you haven't already liked my Facebook page I would appreciate it if you did! Thank you to those who have followed along. I tend to post more on my FB page, especially when it comes to some of my furniture makeovers- so thanks for following along. Thanks for stopping by!

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