Friday, January 9, 2015

Master Bathroom Vanity Update

Hello! Recently I have been able to paint our master bathroom vanity to update it a bit. After looking over at some of the pictures I took once the painting was done, I noticed that there are still some things I would like to complete before I actually call it a finished project, BUT I can say that I think the way it looks now is a huge improvement from where it started.

Let's begin shall we...

It all began when my step-mom gave me these 4 beautiful knobs for Christmas. I absolutely love them and started thinking about where we would use them in our home. One of the first places I thought of was our bathroom cabinets. I knew they needed an update and so figured that these knobs would work great in our space.

I will show a quick before and after first and then will share a little bit more of the details.
(p.s.- I did try to add some spackle to the gaps that went down the middle of the front of the cabinets like I did when we did our small kitchen updates. That is why the first Before picture has all that white stuff there.)

After the spackle was dried, I sanded any rough spots quickly so I could paint.

Next up on the job was to prime the cabinets. Looking back, I probably should have given them 2 coats of primer, but I only did one so hopefully there won't be any chipping somewhere down the line. If there is, I will just prime them one more time and then paint again.

I decided to use some left over paint I had from the dining room we painted a while back. It is called Intellectual Gray by Sherwin Williams and we also used it on our master bedroom walls.

I also decided to take off the handles that we had on the middle cabinets and replaced them with these brass plates we had. I really liked this look for some reason. This was the same thing I did when I painted the buffet table that sold a while back. This is the look I was going for when I pictured what these cabinets would look like so I am glad I stuck with the original plan.

 I didn't take many pictures because there is still a little bit more to do. I would like to paint the very bottom part of the cabinet that connects to the floor. It is noticeable, probably only to me of course, and it bothers me just enough that it will be getting painted sometime soon. I also need to do just a few touch-ups and add a new rug. There are a few other minor things that aren't big deals, but at least this is an improvement from where we started!

While browsing Houzz, I stumbled upon this beautiful photo below:

So in addition to some of the other changes to make, I would also like to add something to the walls like this in our bathroom. I think it is just gorgeous! What do you think?

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