Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Birthday to Our Stinker

Today is the day!

The day that our youngest turns 2!

 Snow Day!

The first year flew by so quickly, I cannot believe you are 2 already. It's funny because in my mind you have been two for a little while. Partly because you have picked up so many things early. You were talking early, completing sentences early on, and even helping out with chores around the house...all well before turning 2. You have even expressed interest in potty training, but mommy isn't ready for that yet...I guess you can call that laziness. ;)  Try not to pick up on that habit too much. :)

Anyways, I would like to write you a quick little note for your here it goes!

Dear Lydia,

In these last two years, you have surprised us by how quickly you learn and pick up on things. You are so loved by God and by us...may you never forget that! You add such a fun excitement to life (as the last picture will show) with your awesome dancing skills and singing parties that you insist on daily. You are VERY musical...there was a long period of time where we always had to have music playing during every car ride. If it wasn't on, you made sure to let us know in ways I won't get into here. ;) Your favorite songs include, Twinkle Little Star, ABC's, and Row Your Boat. You are not a fan of watching TV but if there is a musical cartoon on, you are all in. 
You also love counting to 12 and I am sure have picked up all of this because of your older sister. You two are quite the pair and you really love watching everything she does. You look up to her in a way. But you also try new things when she won't and it encourages her to give new things a try. Thank you for making us laugh on a daily basis and for loving big. We can't imagine life without you. Happy birthday sweet little one! We love you so much!

Oh and a few more things, this picture shows the expression of excitement you often make for even the tiniest of things. You just can't contain your happiness. This particular picture was taken as you watched the garbage truck drive thru our neighborhood to pick up the trash. You were so thrilled about it! If only we could always be this happy about life in general all the time....well, you teach us just that and we are so grateful. Muah!

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