Thursday, February 12, 2015

Funny Things Kids Do/Say

I know I normally share DIY posts and other things related, but today I just had to share something my youngest did that still makes my husband and I both laugh whenever we think about it. You see, she is quite the comedian and has a ton of character that I just can't get enough of, but this short story is one for the books!

 A couple of days ago, I took both of my daughters to the Dollar Tree to use some of their Valentine's money that they got from their Mema and Poppie and told them they could each pick out 3 things. (At their age, I always try to have a quick chat with them about what we are going to be getting at the store and how they should act. Sometimes it seems to work, and other times, it is a work in progress). Anyways, make our first stop down the toy aisle and Tessa (my oldest) is getting all excited trying to figure out what she is going to buy. Lydia, on the other hand, didn't look too interested in the toys. I said, "Lydia, you can pick out some toys if you like."
She wanders down the aisle to the bathroom section. (Now I'm not sure why some of the bathroom items are part of the toy aisle, but hey, it sure caught my youngest's attention!) 

Our conversation went like this as we walked down the aisle:
Lydia: "Ooh, Dora! I want these!"
Me: "Lydia, those are tissues. Even though Dora is on the package, I don't think you really want those tissues right?"
Lydia: "Yes, I do!"
Me: "Ok."

She looks around some more at the Dollar Tree and finds 2 more things.

Lydia: "Ooh! Minnie Mouse!"
Me: "Lydia, honey, those are q-tips. Minnie Mouse's picture is just on the container. Do you really want those?"
Lydia: "Yes!!"

She wanders a couple inches over as she spots something else exciting that catches her eye.

Lydia: "Ooh! And Elmo!"
Me: "Lydia, those are baby diaper wipes. Really?   *Quick pause*   So you want to buy tissues, q-tips, and diaper wipes with the money you got??"
Lydia: "Yes!!"

In the end, she managed to put those items back and was able to pick out 2 toys and a Valentine's balloon. I just had to share though because although Lydia does a lot of things that are funny and make us laugh, I thought this story was priceless and one to remember. She's a character with a ton of energy that I wish I could just bottle up and keep for myself to use when I need it!
And she will be turning 2 in a week!! Excited to be celebrating another year of her!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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  1. Kids say the darndest things and it's what makes this world so fun! I still have fond memories of some of the things my kids said and then it started all over again with the grands. Never get tired of it! Kids are always good for a good laugh! Loved the story and she sounds like a real gem! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  2. Forgot to mention that June was my sweet mothers name.


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