Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Gallery Wall- Complete!

After a bit of tweaking, I finally finished our gallery wall! I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out- even though it took some time to complete...it was worth it especially to have our memories displayed. 
I used a collection of frames we already had which was nice- it meant I didn't have to purchase any new ones. :)
Most of the frames came from Target...and a few came from random thrift stores in the area.

So to recap, I started out with not as many frames as I wanted. Because our wall is pretty tall right here, adding a few more photos made sense. And it still didn't look too overwhelming. 
The last thing I wanted was for this space to feel cluttered.

So after some tweaking, adding and taking away just a couple of frames, I decided on the best placement. That picture is below. :)

And that is all! Hoping to get some other photos ready soon of our kitchen light.

Thanks for stopping by!

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