Monday, October 19, 2015

Boys Nursery Room Progress

Some parts of our home have gotten more attention than others. Our nursery is one of the rooms in our home that hasn't seen much action...our son doesn't sleep in their yet since he is still little and wakes often in the night so I never got the motivation to decorate it...that is until last weekend.
As always, the room isn't 100% complete, but it is getting there. I would still love to paint it someday and add some real blinds to the windows, among other things, but am satisfied with how it is all turning out.

In this post, you will see lots of pictures of my middle child. She just really wanted to get into each shot, as always. :)

On one wall we have the changing table- which was used by each of our children- and the rocking chair. The actual nursery rocking chair is currently in our master bedroom since that is where our son is sleeping now, but eventually it will get moved back into here.

For one of my baby showers years ago, my friend hung some newborn onesies by a window and I loved how it looked. I finally got that chance to copy that decor in this room because this room has quite a large window that is perfect for it.

Don't worry about the mirror over the crib- it will probably get moved at some point- but it is also anchored to the wall even though it is very very light-safety first! Probably one of the lightest mirrors we have in the house so don't be fooled by it's size. And the crib isn't actually up against the sits a few inches away from the wall.

My little monkey climbing in and out of the crib- that could be a potential problem with placing the crib here. Thankfully, we have some time before our youngest begins to even consider doing that. :)

This is the "card wall" where we display some of the cards we received after the birth of our son. I love that he can have some special memories up in his room from friends and family.

We have big plans for this room years down the road...for one, we are considering taking out the window seat (I know, I don't want to do it), because you can't fit a twin bed in here comfortably and as the boy grows, he will eventually need one. The room isn't small and isn't large- it is a pretty decent size, but the layout makes it a bit difficult to decorate around, especially with where the window seat is arranged in the room. I have tried all kinds of different options in here like moving the crib to where the changing table is, etc. but feel the way I have things in here now is the best set-up. We will see. ;)

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