Thursday, March 31, 2016

The "New" Kitchen

I'm back today with a decor update. **Before I begin, I will say that this blog will be changing a bit. Instead of mainly blogging about decor and ideas, I will be mixing it up with posts about motherhood, kids, and the like. For a little while now, I have been wondering which direction this blog was going. After a little thinking, and much praying, the decision was made to not only blog about decor ideas, but also family and life things.**  :)

Without further ado, here are the updates to our kitchen.

To begin with, this house had outdated wood cabinets, green laminate counter tops, 1990's kitchen appliances (yes, that means they were about 26 years old!), outdated lighting, wallpaper, and purple walls. However, there was so much potential we saw in this space alone, and we are glad we got to be the ones to update and bring life to this kitchen!

The double doors in the photo below open up to the pantry. I have been waffling back and forth on whether or not to paint those doors with chalkboard paint so that this area can become the spot where we keep our "grocery list". Still undecided about that idea, but I've been keeping it in the back of my mind.

For the record, our painted kitchen counters, are still going strong. Surprisingly, they have held up really really well. There are some minor scratches on our island, but other than that, they still look pretty good and have held up really well!

 The upper part of the walls were painted with BM Gray Owl (mixed at Lowe's) and the bottom portion of the walls were painted SW Alabaster. 
The kitchen cabinets were painted in a darker shade of gray than the walls- BM Sea Haze (mixed at Lowe's). They were originally painted in a very light gray, but I wanted to go darker and one day just went for it. I like them much better now that they are a darker color. Plus, they hide a lot more marks than the lighter color they were before.
All of our appliances were purchased during a big sale at Lowe's. 
The kitchen bar stools (which still need to be cut down a bit) were bought a year ago at a thrift store and recovered.

And just to recap, here is a timeline of the progress made in our kitchen since we have been here. :)

"The Before-Before"

"The During-Phase" 

"The Final-Phase"

Also, so far I'm really happy we haven't painted the wood doors and the wood trim around the door frames. They add a touch of warmth to a space where we have a lot of light and bright. And I do like warmth!

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