Thursday, March 3, 2016

Some Updates to the Girl's Bedroom

It's no secret that I like changing things around in our home. Doing so makes me feel like each room has gotten a refresh and it really is amazing how changing up a few small things can make a space feel like new. The girls' room is no exception...I just moved a few things around and added some other things (like a mirror and small dresser) and the space not only looks different but I think also functions better.

The walls are still the same light pink color I painted them last year- BM Mellow Pink. Such a lovely color for a little girls room!

I ended up changing up the frames above their faux fireplace with some special prints that my mother-in-law made for them. I also added the girls' dollhouse under the fireplace...and I'm happy to report that they actually still play with it quite often! In fact, this morning, my younger daughter was playing with the dollhouse and having so much fun with it that she didn't come downstairs to eat breakfast right away.

I also changed out the 3 square mirrors that were on this wall and replaced them with 4 of our favorite family pictures- taken when the girls were much younger.

The IKEA nightstand was also brought in from our room and we stash the girls PJ's in here. It makes it easier to get ready for bedtime now that they can access their pajamas quickly. I still need to figure out how I'm going to paint the dresser. I've got a few ideas swirling around my head about it but haven't settled on anything quite yet.

I really love all the photos that we added to the room. They are really sweet and make their room extra special.

 I'm still debating on whether to paint their closet doors a nice rich gray like we did in the family room.

And that wooden bookcase (which was given to us as a wedding gift) houses a plethora of their books and dolls...they love grabbing books from it to read before bedtime. :)

That pretty much sums up the updated space.
I am still on the hunt for a small rug to go between the girls' beds and still need to paint the nightstand, but other than that, it's a done deal in here! Hooray!

**Oh, and I must mention that my awesome husband switched out the huge blue fan that was originally in here and put it in the kids playroom. I painted one from the playroom and he put that up a few months ago. :) Their room looks sooo much better now that the other fan is gone!! Thanks honey!

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