Friday, February 15, 2013

Painting Interior Doors

Have you ever thought about painting the doors in your home? And by doors, I mean the interior ones...not just the doors outside. 
Well, I have been thinking about doing that with just the doors we have downstairs, not upstairs. That way, I only have to paint 4 instead of 12 or however many we actually have in our house...can you tell I haven't counted how many doors we have? ;)

I haven't been thinking about painting the doors for long so that is why I am holding off a bit on doing, being 9 months pregnant already is keeping me from doing something like that...but just for now!

I really think I am going to paint them in the next month or so...and I have already run the idea by hubby and he thinks it would be a great idea! He actually said that! :)

Here are the 2 colors I am thinking about:


Protege Bronze is the darkest color on the swatch line that we used to paint our walls. 

We used Wool Skein in the loft and a mixture of those for the guest room.

So it would make sense to use Protege Bronze, but I really am digging Porpoise- which is a brownish gray color.

Decisions, decisions.......

Here are some inspirational photos I have found of painted interior doors: 
From Southern Hospitality- testing out the paint colors

Cote de Texas

Southern Accents

So what do you think?
Would you ever paint the doors in your home?

Thanks for stopping by!
SW7047 Porpoise

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