Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well, today our oldest turns 2!!!

I seriously cannot believe it...I know a lot of parents say that about their kiddos, but it really is a true statement. Time flies (even though it didn't seem like it when I was a young kid).

Our oldest is really a sweet and intelligent little thing. Before she turned 2 (when she was about 18 months old actually), she was able to locate shapes and colors in a matching game...and we are talking about working with hexagons, octagons, and 9 sided-shapes...not just circles and squares! She has also picked up so many vocabulary words in just the past few weeks, it's crazy. And she has been able to find her shoes and put them on all by herself since she was 19 months old. 
Hey! Don't all mothers like to brag about their children...why can't I? :)

Before our daughter was born, I would journal about my day to her (which I still do occasionally when I have the time). It is fun to look back at that journal and read it to my sweet girl before her naps or before bedtime hoping she will cherish such written memories as the days, months, and years continue. 

Tessa, you truly have been mommy and daddy's sweet gift to us and the world. You take such good care of your little sister and we delight in watching you learn and grow each day. We always pray that as you grow, you come to know the love of Christ and His involvement in your life. May you walk in His ways and be a light to others. We love you so much baby (even though you aren't a baby anymore, I still love calling you that!) and thank you for making us smile and allowing us to learn more about parenting than we ever thought possbile. We LOVE you!!
Happy Birthday baby girl! You turn 2 today!

 My husband and I feel truly blessed to be able to raise our daughters together and we are so thankful for another wonderful year with our girls.

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