Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Always in the Details

So after posting about some new changes around our house, I thought it was fitting today to post about some little changes I have made over the past few weeks.

Details do make a difference when it comes to decorating...at least that is what I've heard and I think it is true! :)

Here are some of the little projects I've completed over the past few weeks:

I moved our IKEA shoe storage around and added some pillows to the couch which I took from our kitchen nook.

I added this cute little yellow basket to the chalkboard wall for holding chalk.
It's great for making grocery lists and writing sweet notes to my husband (actually it's the other way around...he always writes me notes!)

I also added this big Gator football frame to our bookshelves.
The bigger frame makes a bigger impact on the decor and I like it!

I added this lamp to my desk for extra lighting.

How do you incorporate details into your home decorating?

Thanks for stopping by!

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