Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Framing Our Laptop

So there are many joys of having little ones....sometimes, however, those little toddler hands like to get into all sorts of things. :)
To help explain this post a little bit better, I will start by saying that a few years ago my husband and I purchased a laptop that was on sale. Once we had our first-born, all bets were off when it came to allowing her to get in and around certain things...hehe!
One day the family laptop was sitting out in clear view of our daughter and she began playing with it. I thought it was cute the way she acted like she was making some important business decisions on the computer (in fact, I even took some photos of it all!)...that is until she pushed the screen of the laptop all the way back in a way laptops shouldn't be handled and next thing I knew it, I heard a loud "Click"!

And so began the search for something to help keep the laptop together (which is cheaper than buying a new one...are ya with me on that one?!).

I should probably dust the screen off a little bit! Oops!! :)

We needed some kind of solution to help our computer.
 This is where some side clamps came in that my husband bought to keep the laptop together.
It worked well for a few months, but then little miss got her hands on the laptop again and SNAP!! We needed something a little bit better to hold our computer together.

This frame is sure to hold the laptop screen in place, right?! :)

Now all that is left to do with the frame is paint and decorate it! Yeah!!

Do you have a similar story to share about cute little toddlers and their independence to want to get into things?

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