Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Crush- Our New & Improved Front Porch

Confession, we have lived in our home for over 2 years now and I haven't really done much to our outdoor living space. I have been really focused on getting our home decorated to fit our needs (and style of course) that I didn't have much time to think about the front porch.

 Quick sneaky peek!

Then one day while I was out with my daughters, I stumbled across some FABULOUS chairs sitting outside of one of our local thrift stores. Of course I pulled up and got the girls out to take a closer look. :)  (My girls will appreciate my thrifting some day!)
When I glanced at the price tag, I couldn't believe how much they cost...
$9.00 each!!!!!! 
Seriously, are you kidding me??? You would have thought that I would have bought them right then and there, but guess what?
 I didn't buy them on the spot...
nope, of course not. 
The girls and I got back into the car and we went home. But the story doesn't end there.
After pulling into our driveway, I just kept thinking about those chairs and called my hubby. He told me to go ahead and get them since I have been looking for chairs I liked for a while. 
So I unloaded the back trunk and pulled out our strollers and decided to go back to the thrift store (which is thankfully only about 3 minutes from our house) to purchase the chairs.

The chairs were originally a light wood color so they were spray painted in chalkboard paint because I love the finish of that spray paint I tell ya!
I also made the seat cushions (which didn't cost me anything!) and bought the yellow potted mums at Home Depot.

I sat on the idea of keeping the original color of the chairs for a few days and then decided to paint them. The color was too light for this space, which gets flooded with a TON of natural light, so I knew something in a darker color would just work.

Can't beat using left-over scrap wood for projects!!!

I posted these pictures before I did any touch up painting because I was just toooooo excited about how they were turning out and had to post these for you guys!!

What do you think?
I know the yellow makes them look a little spring-like but I really don't care...It's such an improvement from what we had before (which was nothing really).

Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY Friday!


  1. I Love the look and the price but I would have put pillows from Pier 1 on them. But I really like them painted black. Nice job.

  2. I am happily featuring your chairs on Tickled Pink Times Two. See you there tomorrow night :)


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