Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reading Chair Musical Chairs and Fabric Choices

Hello and happy Wednesday!

My hubby and I have a major project in the works for our outdoor space that we are so excited about starting. We haven't built anything for it yet...but we have already purchased some of the supplies which means there is no going turning back now!
It will be a few weeks until we can show the final product, but I hope to get a few pictures posted of what we are going to be building as we go. I hope you stay tuned for that! :)

In other "decor" news, I recently moved one of our big armchairs from our bedroom into the family room.
I am not that in love with the original fabric choice on this chair as you will soon see in this post, so I am thinking about buying a fitted slipcover for it or possibly making my own slipcover...that way I can easily wash it when need be. We have a slipcovered couch that we love so I may go with one similar to it.

You know, some people are just able to throw different kinds of furniture together in a room and all of a sudden their house looks magazine worthy. 
That is definitely not the case here...I'm not sure I can make this chair work if I tried. But you never know, maybe the look will grow on me??? I really don't know.

I plan on shopping around for slipcovers that are fitted in hopes of finding the right color and texture...and the right price for that matter.
We will see what happens!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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