Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Towel Hangers

I have been wanting to make some towel hangers for our master bathroom and for our girl's bathroom and finally got around to doing just that this week! Hooray!

We have a lot of left-over wood from our BIG project  (which I have yet to share with you) and what better way to put some of that to use than to make DIY towel hangers?!

I pretty much just drilled a few holes into the wood pieces, used some screws to keep everything in place, and added S-hooks (from my IKEA trip last year with a friend).

I also wanted to add some wall shelves onto this empty wall in our bathroom.

I made those floating shelves from left-over scrap wood as well and spray-painted them white.
I kind of wish I stained the wood first before painting them just in case it looked a little bit better, but I'm happy with the white paint and the way they turned out.

My little girl loves to play with my girlie things and here she is reaching for them now!

I know you can see the nails in the pictures above (it's obvious, I know!!) but I have a plan to cover them up...I just need time to do that. :)

I am really, REALLY happy with the way the girl's hangers turned out!
The towel/robe hangers look rustic and fresh.

It's finally nice to have the towels and robes in a place where they are easy to grab and within reach instead of sitting on top of our sinks or stashed in a cabinet somewhere!

How do you hang bathroom items in your home?

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