Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Sweet Little Miss

I usually don't do posts like this often, but every now and then I do because I want to remember these big milestones.
So our little girl (or not so little anymore) is 27 months and she is growing so fast!!
It is so amazing to see what she has been learning since she turned 2 at the end of the summer.
Everyone kept telling me how much children learn and understand after they turn 2 and it didn't really hit me all that much until I experienced it myself...just like most things.

After our daughter turned 26 months, she started using the potty more often and now at 27 months, she is pretty much fully potty trained!!! She wears a diaper only at night but that's it!!
Today at church, she told the helpers that she had to "use the potty" and she went all by herself. I was actually anxious when we got to church because I knew this would be the first time she wasn't wearing a diaper in her Bible class and was a little concerned she wouldn't tell anyone if she needed to go potty. But sure enough, she did because a little after 11am we went back to the toddler room and the lady said our big girl came right up to her and told her she needed to do her business! Of course she didn't use those big words quite like that, but you get the idea!
I still can't believe she is potty trained already...she even tells us she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore only "big girl undies" as she likes to call them. :)
It's funny because when she does have an accident which thankfully hasn't been that often, she gets upset and says "Oh no!!"-- "No pee in undies...pee in potty." I think she gets those words from her very own mother...ME! Haha!

And she has been talking so much more now. It's kind of ridiculous! She feels the need to always tell people what she sees around her and she LOVES to sing! I seriously mean that! Everyday...and I do mean everyday, she wakes up and starts singing some of her favorites including: Elmo's version of the ABC's (she even has learned a few letters and can point them out now!), the neighborhood song from PBS, the count to 4 song from Feist which we sometimes listen to on Youtube, "This Little Light of Mine", and "Mother Duck". Those are only a few from the many she sings...maybe that is a small look into her future?!

I also love watching our oldest play with her younger sister. She still gets so excited to see her "sissy Lydia" in the morning. She always greets her with a smile, a "Hello, Sissy!", a kiss and a hug. Sometimes she tickles her sister just to watch her laugh. It's the most adorable thing to watch.
Ahhhh I love being able to be a part of that. I can really see and feel how God has blessed my family and can really see His love for us in how I love my own children.

Other big things she has been doing now:
-Sleeping in a big girl bed for 10 months now
-Helping us pick out items we need at the grocery store
-Watering our plants in the front yard
-Associating numbers with the actual thing itself
-Learning basic colors
-Takes care of her "baby" in a motherly fashion
 -Tries to form longer complete sentences
-Desires independence to do things on her own
-Loves to play make-believe


Our sweet girl, you make us laugh so much and you are always teaching us things we didn't think we would be able to learn before becoming parents.
I am so grateful I can be a part of your life and cannot wait to see how the Lord is going to use you as you grow!

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