Monday, September 29, 2014

New Table

Hi there!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather is slowing cooling off each day and it is certainly starting to feel a little more like fall now! I love it!

I recently shopped around at a thrift store in the area that I have grown to like a lot. Sometimes it is hard to find good thrift stores that have reasonable items at decent prices. This new place (well, new to me I guess) has some great items at good prices....since they have so many things, you really have to take your time and dig through what is there to find what you are looking for, but that is the joy about shopping at a thrift store.

I took a few snapshots of our is a perfect size for our girls and they love using it to eat snacks on and they use it to play. Someday we will have a tea party with it! I covered the top in a pretty floral fabric I found at Joann's and primed and painted it to last so it is durable. 

Anyways, here are some photos of it! Enjoy!

Here is where you can see a close-up of the print.
My oldest daughter was with me when I bought this and as soon as she saw it she loved it! She kept saying, "Ooh, I like this pink flower fabric!"  Score!!

We currently have it up in the playroom, but I brought it downstairs to take some pictures of it because we get better lighting there...and you can see our view of the backyard in some of the shots pictured above.

Hoping to have more to share this week with you of some other things.

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!


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