Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Light, Bright, and Airy Bedroom

I have shared some pictures before of our daugther's room, but there wasn't too much to share at the time. 
I have since then added some curtains and hung them higher on the wall, moved some things around, and added mirrors to one of the walls.

It is still not completely finished, much like the rest of our house, but our daugther's rooms was one of the places we really wanted to finish and make special fairly quickly since this move was a big change for them. It seems to have worked out! In fact, our oldest LOVES her new room. She often times just asks us to go in there with her and read a few stories or play and that is really special.

Here are some photos of her room....that is until little sissy moves in there too and they share a room...which they are very excited about!

The other side of the room isn't done since we still need another twin bed before little sis can move in...but once we get that, there is only the light fixture I would like to change out. Right now we have a blue fan hanging in the room and it isn't very attractive. Hence why there are no pictures of it for you to see. ;)
I think I would also like to add some benches at the end of the beds once I find something the girls like that is functional as well.

There is something just so calming about this space. I love walking in here! It is very light and airy...and I feel that for a girls a bedroom, that is really perfect. :)

Also, I am working on adding a gallery wall to our upstairs hallway.
I didn't really have much of a plan when I started hanging our pictures. I knew I wanted at least some kind of organization to it, but at the same time, didn't want it to look too planned out. (which is why there was no measuring done...cause that's how I roll!)

There is still some tweaking to do here, and then I want to paint the doors a dark gray....maybe Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze?? I love that paint strip! It is filled with beautiful gray colors if you ever want to check it out.

You can read all about the large ruler I made by going here.

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  1. Love your girls' room and the photo wall! You've got talent, girl!

  2. Beautiful room! I love the rug, the colors are so vibrant!

    1. Thanks! The rug was an Office Depot purchase many years ago...can you believe it?


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