Friday, July 10, 2015

DIY Valance for Under $10

Ok, so my last blog post was about some more updates to my girls' room. What I didn't share was all of the details on how to make the window valances that I put up not too long ago. 
This is one of those projects that I did a little research on and just decided to go for it one day.

To start, the girls and I took a trip to Lowe's to buy some foam. For a package of 6, it will cost you less than $ of course with that price, I went ahead and purchased one package. I still have some foam left over so if I decide to do another room, I can use the left overs for it. Here is what the foam looks like:


Again, with the price you pay for a package of these, each valance (with other supplies needed) costs about $2 a piece. I mean really, that is pretty awesome and don't think it can be beat!


I used little nails to attach the sides of the foam to the longer part which would be the front of the valance.  

Once the valance was made and attached with nails, I used left over white fabric and attached that with some little staples with my staple gun. I also decided to add a little detail to the bottom of the valance and used my large hole puncher for that part. I just took some scrap paper that had pink, blue, and green colors and then once the holes were punched out, I used tape to attach them to the valance.
Again, pretty simple and easy...and if I want to change the fabric and detail out in the future, it would be pretty easy to do since I didn't spend much time or money on it.

Here are a few more pictures of the valances in their room...along with some cute pictures of my girls. They really wanted to be in the photos for these. :)

 My youngest pictured above...although this photo makes her look not so young anymore. :/
They grow up way too fast!!

Overall, I am pretty happy with the turnout and would do this again in another room if inspiration strikes again!

I'm a still on the hunt for a smaller rug to go in between the beds. I think I want to go with a light blue chevron rug to tie in with the blue headboards and bedsheets. We will see what I can find...and hopefully soon. 

What do you think?? Would you give this kind of DIY project a try for yourself?

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