Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Our New Pillows

A bit recently, my family and I took a quick trip to JoAnn's to look at some fabric. Thankfully, they were having a pretty darn good sale on some of their fabric at the time, so I decided to go ahead and grab 4 different kinds of fabric by the yard and had each cut to the proper length needed to make some pillows. (yes, you heard that right...I said I was going to make some pillows with all the fabric I bought. Coming from someone who hasn't really ever sewed much in the past, this was a fun learning experience for me...but I must say that I really enjoyed it and while each pillow is not perfect, they came out pretty okay and I am glad I learned how to finally use my sewing machine- even if it took years to finally learn).
For the fabric, I decided to go with a mix of grays and greens to start with (no surprise) and added a little pop of color- pink- to the mix! I don't know if it's because our daughter's room is pink or what, but that color is starting to really grow on me more than it ever has before. And I also think it happens to pair wonderfully with our gray walls. I do, however, plan on adding some more pops of color in here and throughout the house at some point because having light gray walls can really make things a little dreary sometimes, but adding some little pops of color here and there shouldn't be too hard and it should do the trick.

I have to say that I am just learning to sew so if you look closely at these pillows, they aren't the best....but doing something like this on your own and learning as you go is pretty satisfying and in the end, they are just pillows. What I like is that if/when we tire of the color patterns (which will probably be a long while) they can easily be switched out.

And a lot of these photos were taken at night after the girls bedtime, so sorry for the poor lighting. :)

Some other fun facts:
These pillows were all purchased at one of my favorite thrift stores in Williamsburg. A good majority of them are feathered pillows and so I was surprised when I found them in the local thrift store there...I quickly snagged them up...didn't even think twice about it. They were all $7 and under....seriously?! 
Love it! 
I grabbed a total of 6 for this room and paid about $30 with tax for them all...including the 20x20 pillows. Sounds like a great deal to me! The other pillows that were originally in here were moved to our living room.
So if you ever want to pillow shop, I strongly suggest checking out a good thrift store nearby and looking at the selection. In the end, it doesn't matter what the pillows originally look like because if you are going to recover them it doesn't matter, so go ahead and give it a try!

Source list:

Wall color- SW Mindful Gray in Satin
Pillow covers- JoAnn fabrics
Rocking Horse- Goodwill
Globe- Goodwill
Water Pitcher on fireplace- Target
2 end chairs by TV- ReStore and recovered by me
Candlesticks on each side of fireplace- Goodwill
Blanket Storage Ladder- Hand built by us using left over wood from another project
Jute Rug- Ordered from RugsUSA
Metal storage unit by fireplace- Came with the house (was originally used in the garage but has since been cleaned and spray painted in oil-rubbed bronze)
Mason jars- Target
Large picture frames by TV- KMart

As you can see, we shop a lot at thrift stores, but we also mix our older items with new ones from other stores in our area. It makes for a unique collection of things and the hunt for some of these items is always fun- plus it is always fun to save a little money in the process. :) 

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