Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On My Mind

To continue a little bit of my last post, I have decided to keep the wood trim in the living room AND keep the front door painted in a pretty dark gray called Ashwood Moss. As of now, the two don't go that well together. However, before I even think about painting over the original wood trim in the living room, I want to try one last thing: painting the walls in that room. I definitely don't want to make a decision I regret (especially when it comes to painting over nice wood trim) so because I love both the trim and the door color, I'm going to keep both for now.
Also, thank you to those who commented and messaged me about the change. I appreciate all of your input and thought about each comment. So thank you!!

Before we moved into our home a year ago, the original owners painted the upper part of the walls a light cream color and the bottom was a medium-toned brown. While I have nothing against those colors, it doesn't mesh with the rest of our home, so we will be painting over them. Plus, the painters they hired actually missed a few spots that are very noticeable and we have had folks comment about it because it is kind of it is next on the list to take care of. 

I love Benjamin Moore's Horizon, Gray Wisp, and Sea Haze. Those are on the list as testers for the new wall color, but we might not get to painting that room until the new year (which will be here before we know it!)

In other news, we have a few packages coming in the mail soon. They are on their way and one of them is something I have been wanting to purchase for a long time.I know our kiddos will simply LOVE it.
Here is a "hint" as to what it might be! ;)

I'm hoping it arrives this week, and when it does I will be sure to blog about it!!

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