Monday, November 2, 2015

Ideas for Christmas

Well, we made it through Halloween and had a good time trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. The girls had a blast while our youngest slept through the whole thing. ;)

We decided to make the girls costumes this year. They both wanted to be "artists" (and this was decided at the last minute) so I scrambled to find some extra cardboard, paint brushes, and paint to make their paint palettes. We had a painting smock and a workers apron already that the girls wanted to wear and it all came together just in time for trick-or-treating. It may not have been the vision I had in mind at first, but with a newborn, I think we did pretty good! And the girls loved it...they thought their costumes were great! 

Now that Halloween has come and gone and we have now reached November (how did that happen so fast?!?) it's okay to start thinking about Christmas. At least I already am! :)

These images below have put me in the Christmas mood already.

                           evergreen garland mantel decor 
I would love to throw some pretty green garland on our mantel this year like the image above.

Christmas Mantel Decor Inspiration photo 
It would be fun to have neutral matching Christmas stockings....and personalized too!

I would love to have a second Christmas tree in our home. I have the perfect spot in the living room for it!

I'm thinking of decorating our tree this year like this. How gorgeous, right?! 


Julia Manchik
Really would love to hang some lighted garland from our doorway.

I want to add a star like this to the top of the Christmas tree cones we just made. 

And I would love for the presents under our tree to look like the ones pictured above, but who am I kidding. Our girls already picked out their wrapping paper for Christmas this year and the winners were Minnie Mouse and Sofia the First. Maybe next year. ;)

It's an exciting time of year as more festivities await us around the corner!
How do you get into the spirit for the holidays?

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