Friday, November 6, 2015

Filling Your Home with Memories (starting with photos)

When I was much younger, I took tons of pictures. And when I say tons, I mean TONS ya''ll! 
For example, I remember a weekend trip I took with some of my girlfriends in college. On that trip, I took lots of pictures of what we did and I even took pictures of what we ate. Seriously. No. Joke.
Yeah, weird, I know! My friends laughed at it then and still do to this day...and I admit, it was kind of silly. But never-the-less, I loved documenting every little thing. I have the scrapbook of that trip and many others somewhere in this house. ;)

Fast forward about 10 years later- married with 3 kids- and here I am hardly taking any photos. I do document things my kids do and even have a baby album for each one of them with little quotes and milestones they have achieved, but that doesn't compare to what I use to be like when I documented everything going on in my life. This may have happened because things are just busier now and there is so much more I am interested in doing so it is hard to find the time to carry a camera around everywhere. Whatever the case, I have realized that I want to fill my home with good memories of my family and for me, that starts with photos.

In our last house, I had a gallery wall leading up the stairs. I covered both sides of the wall with photos. I do believe that was a bit much and did look a bit when we moved into this new home, I didn't want to overload the walls. I ended up redoing the gallery wall going up the stairs in our new home after we painted and added a few simple larger black and white pictures to it that I will share here. The house is scattered with photos now of our family and friends and kids art work and that feels like just the right amount of balance now. Not too much and not too little. Here are some pictures of what I mean.

                            FYI- I am seriously loving that view out our kitchen window!!

Wedding photos, trips we have taken, and family memories are what you will see in our home now when you walk around.

I also hope to grow this gallery wall in our living room someday. That will take time and I am okay with that. It doesn't all have to be filled up right now.

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