Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Family Visit

Recently, we've been able to spend some time with family who is in town visiting us for a few days...and boy do our kids love visitors! 

Some of the things we have gotten to do together so far was shop at the outlets in our area...followed by watching our girls play on the various "toys" they had there (like the merry-go-round).

We also had the chance to celebrate a family birthday...my step-mother's birthday. It was fun to see our kids light up as they gave their gifts to her...they worked hard on making some artwork for her birthday as well and it's a joy to watch them get so excited about that.

And our little boy loved every minute of the attention he got from family. :)

We still get one more day with them and then they are headed back to Florida where they live. I'm sure the girls will be sad to see them go, but it was a good visit and we are glad we got the chance to spend some time together.

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