Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Another Trip to the Museum

So recently we got these passes to a local museum in our area and my girls are digging it! We probably go there a few times a week- no joke- and my girls haven't tired of the place yet. 

And this little (well, not so little) tortoise is always quite the hit with my daughters. They love to crawl inside of it...I have always been meaning to take pictures of that, and finally remembered to bring my camera with me on this visit to capture it.

Eyes closed in this bottom picture...they said it was because the sun was shining in their face. :) Oops!

We then took a nice walk outdoors to see some otters. Those fellas sure are cute and quite the swimmers!

We spotted a beaver getting out of the water in the picture below. I couldn't get him in the picture and the girls at the same time- oh well- but he was there, I promise. ;)

After taking a nice walk on the trail and playing on an outdoor play ground for a little bit, we headed back indoors. We always have to stop and "dissect" the frog at this little kiosk they have. This thing is a big hit with my middle child. I might be speaking too early, but I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up doing something in the medical field. Without fail she stops at this kiosk at every visit and probably dissects this frog 2 to 3 times in a row. ;) She is very fascinated by it.

And while she is focused and working on the frog, my oldest can be found climbing this big tree trunk they have on the floor. She is very active and loves anything outdoorsy. Loves to be on the move as you can tell by the blurry photo!

This particular museum also has a section where you can pretend play to be an animal keeper or a veterinarian. We have spent many hours in just this little section alone. It's pretty neat and my girls are particularly fond of the kitchen they have (where you can prep food for the pretend animals) and the x-ray area (where you can look at real x-rays of some of the animals they have). 
It's some interesting stuff and very educational!

It's been so fun to watch what interests my girls at these places because they gravitate towards different things. 

Do you frequent any particular museums in your area? What interests your kids?

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