Monday, April 25, 2016

My Most Recent Thrift Store Find

Last week, I took the kiddos to Colonial Williamsburg for a bit to play, and since we were in the area, we stopped in at a few thrift stores afterwards. As it mostly seems to turn out, I was in there looking for a tall dresser to refinish, and instead found 2 little rocking chairs (which of course wasn't on my radar to find in the first place). The girls and I were instantly drawn to them, but we didn't leave right away with them. We ran a few more errands around town and decided to head back to the thrift store to get them after all. 
What makes it even better is that we only paid $15 for BOTH of the rocking they were hard to pass up! 
And as an FYI- I never found the dresser I was originally looking for, but am still on the hunt for the right one. ;)

So here is how the rocking chairs looked after we bought them and brought them home.

They were very cute. Very.cute.indeed.

But, the original wood did not match the other, and I wasn't fond of the quilted coverings. I am keeping the covers just in case my girls want to use them, but I wanted the rocking chairs to match, so I took out some blue spray paint I had lying around in the garage somewhere and sprayed away.

After the chairs dried outside, it was time to bring them in to the girl's bedroom and see how they looked!

We found the perfect spot for both of them, right in front of the faux fireplace.
Now they have a place to put their dolls as opposed to keeping them in the bookshelf where they were hidden before. 

I'm also digging the bold blue paint on these rocking chairs. It adds some color to an otherwise very neutral and pink room. :)

Even thought it doesn't always happen, it's nice to find little surprises every now and then at the thrift store that can work in our home.

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