Friday, April 29, 2016

Cookie Fail?

The other day, my kids and I went grocery shopping for a few things. We passed by the bakery section (which was on the way to another section of the store I was planning on hitting up) and of course my kids asked me to stop and look for cookie samples for them at the bakery. Usually, there aren't any samples left (because we shop later in the day), and even told my kids not to get their hopes up. But, my kids insisted we check it out anyways, and to my surprise, they actually had some cookies out to sample which made my kiddos very happy! Lucky me!
We grabbed a sugar cookie and what we thought was a ginger cookie with chocolate chips. Both were delicious!! So of course, we thought it would be a great idea to try and find a recipe for the ginger cookie we sampled and that is what we did after we got home from the store.

I found a great recipe here, so we decided to head back to the grocery store a little later to grab a few more ingredients we were missing to make the cookies that we didn't have on hand at home.

Side note: This recipe calls for candied ginger. I had no idea what that was and apparently you can buy them pre-made, but we decided to go ahead and make our own candied ginger since it looked pretty easy and fun. I have to say that the juices from the ginger, sugar, and water mixed together are delicious. We used them as a mix in sauce for some rice for dinner and I would recommend it!! It turned out to be such a great sauce that I made it 2 days in a row!

Following the recipe was pretty simple...and as an f.y.i.-there were a few things listed out of order, so if you decide to use this recipe just keep that in mind. 

They looked great once they were done...but they certainly didn't taste like the sample cookie we had at the grocery store. And I knew they wouldn't be exact, but they came no where close.

Below is a picture of my daughter excited to try the cookie...little did she know that she really wouldn't like them and I don't blame her...the ginger was a bit over-powering, even for me, and we would make them differently if we were to try this recipe again.

So, if you are a big fan of ginger and/or spices, definitely give these a whirl! You will probably really like them and the candied ginger in each cookie will be a nice surprise.

Oh, and one last thing, a few days later I went back to the grocery store for some miscellaneous things and decided to swing by the bakery to see if I could find the kind of cookies we sampled a few days prior and was way off on the name...they weren't ginger cookies after all! They were in fact pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips! Oops!! I had to laugh though after finding that out because my oldest and I swore it was a ginger cookie we sampled.

Now on to finding a good pumpkin cookie recipe where we can add in dark chocolate chunks and hoping that tastes better! ;)

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