Sunday, May 29, 2016

DIY Magnetic Board

I was over at a friend's house a few months back and noticed a magnetic board she had in her kid's playroom that looked "unique." I asked her where she got it from and she said she bought the board at was actually an oil-drip pan. She got the idea while searching online one day and I thought it was pretty neat so I went in search of one shortly after our play date.
To my surprise, the oil drip pan I saw for sale was quite larger than what I was looking for and the cost was about $15. I knew there had to be a smaller option out there somewhere for less money! So I was on the hunt for one.
After looking around at various places and not finding anything, I decided to search online. 
I found a blog post from a lady who used a galvanized metal sheet as a magnetic board and she paid less than $10 for hers. 
You can guess that I decided to go with that idea instead of using the oil-drip pan- and for $9 at Lowe's, yes please!

(Note: There are 2 different sizes that you can buy at the store. I chose to go with the larger size because I wanted the magnetic board to fit the areas between the DIY fireplace I made for my girls).

Also, something else to note- the edges are a bit sharp on this thing, but once it was up on the wall, that wasn't a problem because the sheet is very thin and it, in a sense, blended in with the wall. However, I do plan on adding some kind of decorative piece to the sides, like ribbon, to help with that.

I used a few nails to hang it up. Easy-peasy!

Cute little stinker (pictured above, in case you missed him) likes to make his way over to this area- thinking I won't catch him. ;) Silly boy! 

Now my girls finally have a place to put all of their magnets instead of leaving a trail of them all over the house! Hallelujah!! 

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